ManjaLink Travel Credit Auto Transfer In The Bus

Good news! Starting on 8th January 2018, ManjaLink Travel Credit (TCr) auto-transfer into the ManjaLink Card can be automated in the bus. This can be done after conducting an online Top-up via LUGO Mobility App or through the ManjaLink website.

TCr Transfer will take 3 hours up to the next day for the TCr to be reflected in the ManjaLink account transaction history. All pending TCr transfers will be credited on the following day.

For immediate TCr transfer, the ManjaLink account owner is advised to tap his or her card on any of the ManjaLink Self-service Terminals available at any ManjaLink Counters in Johor Bahru or in Singapore.

So what are the important notes about this New Feature?

  1. This new feature is only applicable for LUGO Mobility App or Online users who performed online top-up.
  2. Monthly rebate for online users will be credited at the same time after card tapping in the bus card validator machine (allow 3 hours up to the following day to show the online transactions).
  3. For non-online users, all monthly rebate can only be done at the ManjaLink Self-service Terminal.
  4. Due to unforeseen circumstances, online top-up TCr transfer will only be transferred in the bus card validator machine on the following day.
  5. For immediate TCr transfer, ManjaLink Card holders are advised to tap their ManjaLink Card at any ManjaLink self-service Terminals in Johor Bahru and Singapore.